Figures In Motion
Twist and Spark
Sunken Treasures

Jonathan Greenfield is engaged in matters of the heart and the heart of matters. This focus has accompanied him through journeys as a student (six undergraduate years and nine postgraduate) and through several careers. His explorations in a range of media and his art studies (Art Student’s League, Alfred University, Antioch College, Silvermine Art School, et al.) have helped him cultivate a vision and a style that culminate in the forms you now see. Here, in jewelry design, he has found his voice.

Years as a physician broadened his understanding of the human spirit that his art conveys through its use of subject, fluid lines, and clean forms. He says, “I strive to create the simplest possible forms in order to produce the most expressive pieces…unpretentious pieces to which the wearer and the viewer can easily connect”. Jonathan’s true passion lies in illuminating what it is to be alive (the realities and the dreams) and trumpet it in clear, resonant tones.

Born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island’s North Shore Jonathan lives in Newtown, Connecticut with his wife, kids and a dog. A fulltime artist, he spends most of his waking hours in his studio.

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